Engineous Acquisition Adds Dassault's SLM Story

DN Staff

June 19, 2008

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Engineous Acquisition Adds Dassault's SLM Story

For years, PLM has been the big draw at Dassault. Lately, the 3-D design tool firm has been making noises about SLM (simulation lifecycle management), the idea of putting similar data management, application integration and process automation capabilities around the practice of simulation.

Dasssault this week produced another chapter in this SLM story. The company bought Engineous Software, a small Providence, RI, company for $40 million. Engineous’ FIPER software is some sort of distributed development environment that lets organizations access, execute and reuse design simulation tools and processes within an organization and externally with partners. Dassault’s SIMULIA [www.simulia.com] brand says the acquisition will further help integrate simulation practices into the overall product development process.

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