DTV, Atom and Blu-Ray Front and Center at CES

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January 10, 2009

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DTV, Atom and Blu-Ray Front and Center at CES

Check out CES coverage examining Intel's Atom processor, Blu-Ray's struggle to ascend and why President-elect Obama is urging a delay in the transition to DTV. On the scene is EDN Senior Technical Editor Brian Dipert. Coverage is also provided by EDN Managing News Editor Suzanne Defree and DN Senior Technical Editor Chuck Murray.

The Price of Falling Prices, and a Path to Intel's Potential Demise
Atom is a short-term success, but does the netbook trend represent a long-term threat to Intel's beefy revenue and profit margins-as well as a potential salvation for graphic-processor makers? Read More

'Pico Projectors' Creating Buzz at CES

The DLP Pico chipset enables cell-phone-sized handheld devices to project videos and computer files on screens as big as 50 inches and uses a TI chipset that got its start in the television market. Read More

When (If Ever) Will Home Servers Shine?

Though undeniably useful, NAS (network-attached-storage) products thus far have proven difficult for consumers to grasp and implement. Will the category ever catch fire in the mass market? Read More

Did Ballmer Bomb at a Blah CES 2009?

Has the usual CES glitz and glam, marked with celebrity appearances including Conan O'Brien and Steven Tyler in recent years, lost some of its sparkle? Read More

Freescale Rolls out NetBook Reference Design at CES

Freescale Semiconductor said yesterday it is rolling out a processor-based solution that could slash as much as $100 from the price of so-called "netbooks." Read More

Consumer Electronics Show to Highlight Games and Motion

Despite gloomy economic forecasts for 2009, expectations are still high at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. The Consumer Electronics Association, producer of the show, expects to pack more than 100,000 visitors and 2,700 exhibitors in 1.7 million sq ft of space. Read More

Blu-ray's Continued Struggles and the Ramping Ascendancy of Online

Our man in Las Vegas surveys the digital-video scene, including both physical media and online options. Whose fortunes are rising, whose are evaporating, and who's just playing the spin game? Read More

Obama Urges DTV Transition Delay

President-elect Barack Obama wants more time for the transition from analog to digital TV and has suggested a delay beyond the February 17 date. Read More

HDDs' Inevitable Impermanence and Consumers' Frustrating Nonchalance

EDN's Brian Dipert has a single-HDD Western Digital unit mated to his Apple Airport Extreme 'N'. Read More

High-Def Video Predictions Refined

EDN's Brian Dipert kicks off his 2009 Comsumer Electronics Show coverage series with a report on various digital-video-camera formats. Read More

Ambarella's Unique View on SoC Architecture

Image-processing SoC vendor Ambarella has always had a unique view of the end markets they serve. Today, for example, executive vice president Didier Le Gall sees an inevitable merging of the digital still camera and camcorder markets. Read More

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