Digital Delivery of Design News Magazine

June 24, 2008

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Digital Delivery of Design News Magazine

Get Design News Delivered to You Online

You can receive your monthly issues of Design News digitally rather than in print, but still maintain the same look and feel of the print edition. The digital edition contains all the content found in the print edition, including supplements, and is delivered via the Internet.

There is no special software installation required and the issue opens in seconds. Best of all, the Design News digital edition contains links to all URLs and e-mail addresses referenced in editorial and advertisements, so more information is at your fingertips.

See sample issue of Design News digital edition.

Benefits of digital delivery:

  • Faster delivery service

  • Clickable table of contents - links directly to articles

  • Links to vendor sites right from the articles

  • Links to advertiser sites right from the ads

  • Issues can be viewed online or downloaded to your desktop

  • No special software installation

  • Easier to circulate among co-workers: simply forward the issue via e-mail

  • Looks just like the print magazine!

Get all the features of the Design News print edition, with interactive capabilities - apply for your free subscription to the Design News digital edition today.

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