Destroying Ben Movies and Other Unwanted Digital Data

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September 5, 2005

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Destroying Ben Movies and Other Unwanted Digital Data

Condre Technology Inc. has spent four years helping people duplicate CDs and DVDs. But now the Minneapolis company aims to let its customers destroy disks in seconds. Its Piranha automated CD/DVD media disc destruction device isn't designed for Ben Affleck movies like "Gigli" and "Surviving Christmas," but rather for sensitive government and corporate disks. "This is a paper shredder for digital content," says Joe Vaughan, Condre's general manager. Rising concerns about identity theft and the growing number of disks used for sensitive data are among the factors driving the need for a speedy disk destroyer.

In contrast to manually-fed disk manglers from competitors, the $399 Piranha holds 100 disks, dimpling one in four seconds so even sophisticated forensic equipment can't read data. Along with the speed of unassisted destruction, ease of handling is a key benefit over shredders or systems that split disks. "Our disks are still intact, so people handling them don't have to worry about plastic shards or messy shredded disks," Vaughan adds.

He predicts that automated destruction will become "a significant side market." Condre's mainstay will remain disk duplication, which Vaughan estimates is a $250 million industry. He notes that institutions such as schools, churches, and government agencies are among the primary users to date, though businesses are beginning to buy more disk duplicators. "Business usage will really start growing as capacity expands. With 18 Gbyte DVDs coming, a company can back up its systems and create an archive." The company also makes robotic products that handle archived CD/DVD files, much like the automated tape handling systems of years past. For more information, visit

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