Datalogging level transducers

April 24, 2006

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Datalogging level transducers

With pressure formatting and compensation

Pressure Systems' newest KPSI transducer upgrades allow waterMONITOR transducers to come in an absolute reference pressure format. There is no vent tube or desiccant filter to keep moisture out, making maintenance easier. The baroMONITOR transducers now offer a specialized configuration for collecting barometric (atmospheric) pressure readings, which compensate for absolute level measurement errors caused by changing barometric pressure. Compensation is controlled by K-ware, Pressure Systems' Visual Basic-based application, designed to be intuitive yet comprehensive. The software presents measurement data in a number of formats, both for review and transfer to other software programs. Upgrades are free on Pressure Systems' website at Both transducers can be used in groundwater and surface water applications in boreholes, tanks, rivers, lakes, streams and other areas. There are linear, linear averaging, event, logarithmic and other selectable sampling modes. They upload data at 100 scans/sec at a baud rate of 19,200, with a pressure and temperature time stamp. They incorporate internal, non-volatile memory of 2 or 4 Mbytes, and feature up to 15 readings/sec programmable sampling rates. They can each store up to 600,000 level, temperature and time stamp measurements. They have an accuracy of up to ±0.05 percent FS TEB (Total Error Band) over the compensated temperature range of 14 to 104F(-10 to 40C), with a full-scale range from 10 to 692 ft (3 to 210m) H2O. The baroMONITOR has a pressure range of 8 to 16 psia (55 to 100 kPa). The electronics and two replaceable AA batteries are sealed in a ¾-inch stainless-steel or titanium housing.

Pressure Systems

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