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Camera targets networked vision applications

DN Staff

April 9, 2001

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Camera targets networked vision applications

Priced under $4,000, the In-Sight? 1000 machine vision sensor represents Cognex' entry into the low-cost vision sensor fray. It hits the price and size 'sweet spot' for many custom machine builders, according to Product Manager Carl Gerst, "making vision reliable and affordable enough to use throughout the plant in a multi-point vision area network."

Networked vision applications help users manage, monitor, and control vision activity over an Ethernet network, improving access to real-time vision data plant-wide and beyond. Using a PC or PLC master, data from multiple In-Sight 1000's can be managed in a central host. Alternatively, one In-Sight 3000 uses its second processor to handle the networking activity of up to 40 In-Sight 1000's in a master/slave arrangement. Networked vision lets users set up and modify vision applications from remote sites, monitor inspection activity from any location in the plant, and share up-to-the minute production data with management.

According to Gerst, other vision sensors typically lack the power and flexibility to solve all but the simplest vision tasks. In contrast, In-Sight 1000 offers the capabilities of an advanced vision system. It features a complete library of proven vision software tools, including PatFind?, a novel part location tool that brings Cognex's high-end PatMax(R) geometric recognition technology down to the vision sensor level.

Additional Details...Carl Gerst, Cognex; One Vision Dr., Natick, MA 01760-2059; Tel: (508) 650-3296; FAX: (508) 650-3344; E-mail: [email protected]; www.cognex.com, or Enter No. 576.

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