C&K's New Hall-Effect Push-button Switch

DN Staff

February 17, 2010

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C&K's New Hall-Effect Push-button Switch

ELECTRONICS: C&K Components has developed a switch with life cycles to 10 million actuations. Designated the HP Series, the sealed switch features a non-contact Hall-Effect contact system and a high-energy magnet provides a linear magnetic field for the Hall device.

The Hall-effect circuit is highly sensitive and provides reliable, repetitive operation in close tolerance applications. The circuit is practically immune to environmental contaminants and can be sealed to meet IP67 specifications, making the switch ideally suited for use in harsh off-highway and industrial applications.
The HP Series switch also has the ability to have redundant, linear Hall devices. Input voltage is 5V dc, with a programmable output voltage range from 0.5 to 4.5V and one or two available outputs. Actuator travel is 0.150 inch and operating temperature ranges from -40 to 85C.

Typical pricing for the HP Series push-button switch ranges from $21 to $27 in low volumes. Lead time is from four to six weeks.


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