Balluff's miLink, an easy Fanuc CNC-Tool ID interface

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January 22, 2010

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Balluff's miLink, an easy Fanuc CNC-Tool ID interface

MOTION CONTROL:  Reducing cost and minimizing operational complexity are key goals for any manufacturer looking to succeed in today’s competitive environment. The Fanuc miLink Tool ID interface is designed to interconnect and automate the entering and tracking of tooling information to a Fanuc based CNC from a Balluff RFID Tool ID system, which can save you significant time and cost when compared to the custom engineering work that is usually required for this effort.One of the biggest challenges when using RFID for tool identification is interfacing the RFID system to the CNC controller. Now, with the new Fanuc miLink module, it is easy to interface between Balluff tool identification systems and CNC machines that use Fanuc controllers, with minimal or no engineering required. The module is a bolt-on solution, meaning it requires no modifications to the Fanuc CNC control. The miLink is flexible, easy to install, and simple to configure-the engineering has been put inside the box instead. Additionally, the miLink is industrially hardened for worry-free operation with a Balluff Tool ID system and does not require any ladder or Macro programming.

Balluff has several Tool ID system kits available that are specifically designed to work with the Fanuc miLink interface. These kits include a serial communication-based RFID processor and an RS232 communication cable to connect the processor directly to the miLink serial communication port. With the Fanuc miLink interface and Balluff Tool ID, you can access large amounts of CNC data including: tool life, tool ID management, tool geometry offsets, tool wear offsets, 2nd tool offsets, work offsets and macro variables.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi


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