September 4, 2006

1 Min Read
360-Degree and N-Way Ergo-NAV Analog Control

For handheld and portable devices

These pointing and navigation disk devices are built to enhance handheld devices. They use an electrically-variable resistive rubber sensor, along with simple plastic components mechanical design geometries and a sophisticated firmware algorithm. These parts all work together to translate user motion on the actuators in two different dimensions on a circular sensing element. They come in 360-degree or N-way full-variable speed analog control. The electrical interface is received through five standard GPIOs and emitted through an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter. It needs 8-bit support or extra processors when employing I2C, PS2, UART or SPE interfaces. It's designed to last through more than 3 million life cycles. It comes in standard reference design (straight drop in), module design (reference design with customized actuator and without PCB), or fully custom solutions.

ITT Industries, Electronic Components

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