36 years ago the 4004 microprocessor is introduced

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November 30, 2007

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36 years ago the 4004 microprocessor is introduced

The Computer History Museum celebrates the introduction of Intel’s 4004 micriprocessor 36 years ago. There were no customer-programmable microprocessors on the market before the 4004. It was the first and it was the enabling technology that propelled software into the limelight as a key player in the world of digital electronics design. Intel, which had been making memory chips, used the 4004 as a technical and marketing launch pad to develop an expertise in microprocessors that, in quick time, made it a market leader. 

 In celebration of this milestone anniversary and the November opening of Intel Museum’s new exhibit entitled, "The Intel 4004 Microprocessor ," Intel 4004 designers Ted Hoff and Federico Faggin take the stage with an historical perspective on the evolution of the 4004, from a special-order from Japanese calculator manufacturer Busicom, to a mass-produced device.


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