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20 Popular Pandemic Posts From 2020

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Our gift to you: Wrap up 2020 with a big bow and our best inspirational, sassy, silly, informative pandemic-related articles of 2020.

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, many will be happy to say goodbye to 2020 and put most of the year in the rear-view mirror. As part of your ritual to ring in the New Year, Design News brings you 20 of our most popular pandemic posts of 2020. You’ll find this mixture of content silly, sassy, serious, informative, educational, inspirational no matter the current COVID reality you find yourself in. 

  1. Unsung Heroes in the Fight Against COVID-19
  2. Behind the Scenes of Building Ventilator Testing Systems During a Pandemic
  3. 4 Inspiring Engineering Projects During the COVID-19 Lockdown
  4. AR/VR Experiences Grow During COVID-19
  5. Why People Make Unhealthy Decisions when it Comes to COVID
  6. 5 Essential Post-COVID Actions for Supply-Chain Businesses
  7. The Craziest COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories
  8. 2020 Software Failures Linked to COVID-19
  9. COVID-19: Why We Need Transparency . . . in Face Coverings and PPEs
  10. DIY Lightsaber Duels COVID-19: Which will Win?
  11. 3D Printed DIY Germ Erasers and Mobile Labs Hack COVID-19
  12. DIY Community Opening Doors Hands-Free Amid COVID
  13. How the Pandemic Is Changing Manufacturing
  14. Manufacturing Challenges During a Pandemic
  15. IoT Subscriptions for Manufacturers Grow Through the Pandemic
  16. Digital Technology Bolsters Manufacturing During Pandemic
  17. Using the Pandemic Economy to Finance the Factory of the Future
  18. Pandemic Jumpstarts 2021 Digital Transformation
  19. Mid-Market Manufacturers Rush to Smart Tech During Pandemic
  20. A Tale of Two Pandemics: How Companies Are Succeeding—or Struggling—with Work-at-Home Teams
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