10kW Rectifier 240V ac, 3P, 5inch X 5inch Package

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April 27, 2010

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10kW Rectifier 240V ac, 3P, 5inch X 5inch Package

ELECTRONICS: Pioneer Magnetics introduced a 10kW Rectifier (PMI 36220B-8P). With power factor correction and in keeping with PMI’s standard setting 5 inch x 5 inch package, this super high power density rectifier is designed for supporting standalone or N+1 redundant power applications.

With 3j ac Input (180 to 264V ac) PMI’s single rectifier provides continuous full output power for operating temperature from of 0 to +50C. Using PMI’s patented power factor correction, the 10 kW rectifier is designed and manufactured using premium quality components for high performance, ruggedness and reliability.

A standard 3U, 19 inch power shelf can also provide up to 30kW of System Power or 20kW of Redundant Power. Forced internal air-cooling is built-in when electrical overload production is required. Other output voltages are available such as 28V, 40V, 48V and 240V dc.

PMI’s 10kW rectifier comes with a variety of standard features and options such as Fully Floating Output, Over Current/Over Voltage Protection, Remote Sense, Over Temperature Protection, up to 92 percent efficiency as well as Internal Isolation Diodes. Custom features and options are also available.


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