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IMS Schneider Electric Motion's MDrive 23 Linear Actuator / ML23

IMS Schneider Electric Motion's MDrive 23 Linear Actuator  /  ML23

MDriveA(R) linear systems integrate a stepping motor based linear actuator with driver, controller and optional encoder to form a single compact, powerful and easy to use linear motion product that delivers high accuracy and unsurpassed repeatability. Two linear actuator styles are available: external shaft and non-captive shaft, with a load limit of up to 200 lb. Precision rolled lead screws are corrosion resistant stainless steel with Teflon coating option. MDrive Linear Actuators can reduce linear motion machine cost, size and time-to-market while delivering high performance and reliability. MDriveA(R) Linear Actuator advantages to design engineers include: reduced workload - an integrated linear motion solution eliminates an Engineer's task of researching and specifying individual components; compact design - Integrated motor, mechanicals and electronics form a single compact unit that dramatically reduces the space requirements in linear motion applications; versatility - for a wide range of linear motion applications, several MDrive Linear Actuator versions and styles provide a rich choice of features at low cost; as well as simplified installation/setup - minimized wiring and production time along with user-friendly software contribute to easy integration of MDrive Linear Actuator products. The MDrive Linear Acuators also offer the availability of a rugged internal encoder integrated with the screw; integration of actuator, motor, drive, encoder and programmable motion controller complete with I/O; and AccuStepTM motion control technology that eliminates loss of synchronization - the motor cannot stall; maintains constant motor torque with torque mode, giving MDrive Linear Actuators the ability to apply a regulated force; and reduced motor heating and power consumption with Variable Operating Current, where the unit only draws the current required to complete a move.

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