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ifm efector's PG Pressure Transmitter with Gauge Display

ifm efector's PG Pressure Transmitter with Gauge Display

The ifm PG pressure transmitter combines the best features of a gauge, a switch and a transmitter in a stainless-steel housing. The PG pressure transmitter is mounted in-line to provide a quick, highly-visible indication of process conditions for sanitary, hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Setup is simple with two optical pushbuttons that establish application parameters, setpoint and resetpoint. The gauge display indicates the current operating pressure relative to the overall range of the unit. A four-digit numeric display indicates system pressure value. A quick reference pointer does not require damplng liquid and is designed to eliminate the typical shaking that occurs with mechanical pointers. The PG pressure transmitter features a highly visible gauge with the functionality of a pressure sensor. Ceramic cell technology provides long-term reliability and high precision (0.2 percent) indication of pressure values. The highly visible gauge display offers a variety of features including an analog display with scaling in bar and psi; a quick reference pointer that does not require damping liquid which eliminates the typical shaking that occurs with mechanical pointers; and an LED ring that indicates setpoint, resetpoint and trend display. The touch-screen surface eliminates pushbutton cavities and prevents liquid ingress. The entire display rotates 350 degrees for application versatility. The Bourdon tube pressure gauge is one of the most widely used instruments for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases. Ifm's new PG electronic pressure transmitter incorporates the Bourdon-like gauge face with many improvements. Ifm's innovative quick reference pointer does not require damping liquid and is driven by a stepper motor that creates a smooth, more precise indication of pressure. The gauge face and pointer are further enhanced with a ring of LEDs that can be programmed to indicate the position of the setpoint, resetpoint or trend display. A four-digit, LED display indicates system pressure and offers setup menu items such as analog scaling and display units in bar and psi.

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