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Spring clamps boost block performance

The latest additions (Series 6, 10, and 16) to Wieland's WKF terminal block line accept larger wiring sizes (up to 4 AWG) and current to 76A at 600V ac. Key to this capability, according to Product Manager Dean Norton, is the availability of spring clamps designed not only large enough to deal with such current levels, but to handle them while allowing easier opening for wire insertion. "But the physics of the steel and clamp design provide a consistent clamping force on the conductor," he adds. "Such constant pressure over time means in vibration-prone applications, such as large 3-phase motors, contact force will not have to be periodically checked, unlike with some screw clamps." Other features include rail-mounted terminal blocks that are fully enclosed, precluding inadvertent mis-mounting of two open-sided blocks that could short out. And on ground-block versions, a patented clamping foot, similar to the spring clamp, maintains a constant "bite" on the ground rail.
Wieland: Product Code 4583

Connectors withstand sterilization

High-temperature thermoplastic housings of Thorkom Circular Connectors from WPI(R)/Viking allow the miniature connectors to undergo autoclaving sterilization procedures used on medical instruments and test tubes. Similar molded cable assemblies are also available. The UL 94V-0-approved housing material can be replaced with UL 94V-2- approved high-strength thermoplastic for non-sterile applications. The CSA-certified connectors come in a range of high-density contact arrangements in bulkhead and square-flange mounting styles. The Thorkom line includes plugs, receptacles, backshells, and accessories. Sales Manager Ed Henry highlights the plug's insulator that contains "crimped, screw-machined gold-plated contacts, and not stamped or formed metal, for mate/demate durability. This quality at a commercial price is important for medical monitoring instrument designers." The plug's closed entry also guards against contact stubbing during mating. Connector backshells provide environmental protection and strain relief.
WPI/Viking: Product Code 4584

'Endless' jumper chops wiring time

Phoenix Contact's PLC-REL (Relay Module) relay terminal-block package, for interfacing between PLCs and field devices, not only has panel-space-saving features but a unique bridging connection system that cuts wiring time upwards of 50%, along with associated labor costs. Interface Product Manager Arnold Offner says, "The bridge, formed by a thin band of stamped-tin tape, is 'pitch free' and can be cut to any length needed to jumper various numbers of adjacent blocks on a rail." Time-consuming, individual-jumper, daisy-chain jumpering is not needed, reducing installation time. No installation tools are required for the snap-in bridges, which press fit between a pair of vibration-resistant spring contacts in each block receptacle. Not only can multiple relay-coil voltage commons be joined together but such bridging for power distribution eliminates external power-distribution blocks to save 12 mm of DIN rail space for every set of relay contacts.
Phoenix Contact: Product Code 4588

Enclosed magnetics save space

The Stacked MagJack from Stewart Connector Systems has a double row of modular jacks that incorporate magnetics (transformers and common-mode chokes) and other components within the jack design with no increase in form factor. Targeted at the datacom/telecom networking equipment market, the devices eliminate the need for real-estate robbing discrete magnetic modules on PCBs by containing the magnetics. MagJack connectors have the same housing dimensions and footprints as standard modular jacks and comply with the IEEE 802.3u magnetics standard. Lee Hill, president of Silent Solutions, a consulting firm, performed radiated emission and common-mode testing and says the MagJacks have better performance than discrete components in the 20-to 200-MHz range and give added shielding from near-field radiation.
Stewart Connector Systems: Product Code 4585

Stainless steel goes to ground

Bivar-developed Conductive InsertTM card guides ground PCB computer peripherals, accessories, and removable media. The stainless-steel devices produce less than 10V of resistance over an 8-inch length. The inserts address EMI concerns and can be retrofit into existing designs. Labor costs are lower because the thin strips require no bolting nor special installation tools. Placed down the center channel of a standard nylon card guide, the insert attaches to the nylon with a spring-loaded retainer that insures complete contact. One designer used the devices to manage EMI leakage from an enclosure containing five hot-swap drives and obtained a 12% reduction in manufacturing costs. Alternative manually assembled contacts would have dictated 10 separate steps per enclosure, threatening the economic viability of the product.
Bivar: Product Code 4587

Connector hosts display systems

Digital video/information system costs can be lowered with the MicroCrossTM P&D-D (Plug & Display-Digital) Connector by Molex Incorporated. This single connector hosts systems for digital displays for applications including PCs, networks, work stations, graphic cards, and computer projectors. On digital lines, bandwidth is over 2.0 gigabits and multiple shield contact points reduce transfer impedance. The P&D-D interface supports: Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) for digital video signals; USB; 1394; and display-data-channel (DDC) standards; and charge power. The LFHTM (Low Force Helix) contact configuration has a cycle lifetime of 5,000 mating cycles. P&D-D connectors come in vertical and right-angle styles and are panel-mount, through-hole, or SMT compatible.
Molex Incorporated: Product Code 4586

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