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Hot Products

Hot Products

Metric drive studs complement inch line

Standard metric drive studs from Spirol International Corp., Solid Pin Div. complement the company's inch series products, as there are no ISO or ASME metric equivalents to the inch series ASME drive screw standard B18.6.4. The drive studs are headed, knurled fasteners that assemble components where costly hole preparation prohibits use of threaded fasteners. The user installs the metric drive studs in standard drilled or molded holes without secondary tapping or reaming. Applications include fastening cover and name plates, knobs, clamps, and brackets. Spirol International Corp: Product Code 4762.

Threaded fasteners improve time to repair

Fastener downtime is costly for machine users. Penn Engineering's PEM(R) self-clinching threaded access hardware improves mean time to repair (MTTR) because of captive screws, which reduce the number of parts the user has to handle. "The shorter amount of time to repair, the better," says Leon Attarian, director of corporate marketing, information, and communications for Penn. The fasteners can be tool- or finger-actuated, Attarian adds, and their captive-screw design further eliminates the risk of loose hardware falling into power supplies or loose circuitry. Applications include use in front- or rear-panel access, such as in the electronics and computer industries. Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp: Product Code 4759.

Magnesium fasteners drive past automotive applications

Magnesium's high strength-to-weight ratio has traditionally targeted the material for use in automotive applications. Now, manufacturers use magnesium in laptops, cell phones, and other consumer products. "More and more companies are using the material in their designs as a replacement for aluminum," says Camcar Textron's Marketing Communications Manager Dean Lamb. "We were amazed when companies started using it in non-automotive applications." The company's Mag-Form(R) thread-forming fasteners avoid galling and seizing in often-brittle die-cast magnesium and create strong formed mating threads, while minimizing debris generation and allowing multiple removals and reinsertions. The fasteners are available in sizes ranging from M2.5 to M8. Camcar Textron: Product Code 4760.

Ball screws stand in for ground thread screws

Ball screws are available in nine sizes, rolled to plus or minus 0.001inch/ft lead accuracy. The ball screws can be used instead of ground thread screws in applications where tight, repeatable accuracy is required. The pre-loaded ball nuts provide a backlash-free system for high stiffness at low running torque. Nook manufacturers the precision rolled-ball screws under tightly controlled conditions with uniform heat treatment. Nook Industries Inc.: Product Code 4763.

Clamp doesn't 'pop' under tension

Rotor Clip's POP2 constant-tension clamp is constructed of SAE 6150 chrome vanadium and SAE/1074. The user compresses the clamp's tangs and allows the stop to hook onto a complementary notch on the side of one of the tangs to hold the clamp in the open position. For a more secure hold, the hook catches this "dimple" when the user opens the clamp. POP2 cannot "pop," or be preopened any further than the stop, ensuring the clamp will not be overextended. The clamp can be glued in position on a hose, and finds common use by spa manufacturers, says Joe Capello, Rotor Clip's director of marketing. Rotor Clip: Product Code 4764.

Actuator/latching system holds onto electronics enclosures

Telecommunications and electronic equipment users worldwide can use the M3 lift-handle actuator and multi-point latching system to provide consistent compression along electronic enclosure door edges. The latching system drives multiple remote compression latches from one actuation point. The designer can position as many latches as needed to provide consistent, 5 mm compression along the enclosure door's entire edge. The user can operate the lift-handle actuator with a single motion and drive the entire system. When the user turns the lock 1/4 turn, the handle pops out 10 degrees to let a gloved hand grab the handle and lift. The lift-handle actuator is nearly flush to the panel on the door's outside, and offers protrusion of 25 mm inside the enclosure. The actuator is tamper-resistant, with no pry points, and is available with three locking options. Southco: Product Code 4761.

Cable ties one on

VELCRO(R) cable ties from Avery Dennison's Fastener Div. include hook and loop fasteners, and are available in cut-to-length rolls. The ties eliminate the potential for damage to fiber optics or cables caused by over-cinching or accidental cutting, and can be installed and adjusted without installation tools. The reusable ties can be used in wire and cable assemblies, fiber-optic and network installations, and electrical and electronics products, says Sal Siano, product manager for Avery Dennison. Avery Dennison, Fastener Div.: Product Code 4765

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