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Simplify vision-guided motion

DVT Series 600 SmartImage Sensors and ORMEC's ORION(R) motion controllers with Ethernet simplify vision-guided motion interfaces. Vision-system variables are mapped to a selection of Modbus TCP registers in DVT's FrameWork development software, while motion variables are mapped to corresponding registers in ORMEC's MotionBASIC program development software. With the controller programmed to open a Modbus TCP connection as a client during operation, and the DVT 600 powered up as a Modbus TCP data server, the controller can poll these registers at any time for the most recent inspection data. In addition, using Ethernet TCP/IP is reportedly faster (10 megabits/sec) than serial communications, eliminating extra code for parsing and converting ASCII strings, and making it easier to interface the motion controller to multiple sensors.

ORMEC: Product Code 4958

Powerful pancake offers long life

Maxon's electronically commutated (EC series) brushless, pancake motors use ball bearings and have no mechanical brushes to wear out. The design reportedly offers long motor life, good heat dissipation, and high overload capability because the coils are outside the rotor. Weighing 88g (3.1 oz), the motor's diameter is 43 mm (1.69 inches) while the length of the motor body (excluding shaft) is 16.3 mm (0.64 inch). Continuous output power is 12W, while maximum speed is 10,000 rpm. Ambient temperature range is -40 to 85C (-40 to 185F). Using electronic commutation minimizes electrical noise. Hall effect sensors are optional.

Maxon Precision Motors: Product Code 4959

Mini actuator targets low-cost reliability

At $115 list, Warner Electric's Electrak(R) E050 linear actuator offers: built-in limit switches for end-of-stroke protection; a load-limiting clutch to protect the unit from mid-stroke stalls; a corrosion-resistant plastic housing that resists scratches, requires no paint, and provides an IP-56 rating for outdoor use; quiet operation for medical or office applications; front and rear clevis mounts for easy installation; and a compact profile for space restricted applications. Estimated life at rated load is 40,000 cycles. With stroke lengths of 2, 4, 6, and 8 inches, unit length is, respectively, 5.375, 7.375, 9.375, and 11.375 inches. The optional 10kV, 10 turn potentiometer reduces lash and improves accuracy, and adds only 1.25 inches to the overall length. Dynamic load ratings at 25% duty cycle for three models: 30, 60, and 112 lbs. Respective speeds under full load are 1.45, 0.72, and 0.37 inches/sec. Motor options include 12 or 24V dc, and built-in thermal shutdown protection is standard.

Warner Electric: Product Code 4960

Pass-through center shrinks designs

The Rotary Vector hollow shaft gear reducer (RV-C) allows engineers to run vacuum lines, wiring harnesses, concentric shafting, or cooling lines through its center to shrink their designs. Hole sizes range from 31 mm (1.2 inches) to 138 mm (5.4 inches). Built-in output bearing supports large thrust and overhung loads. RV-C is one of three heavy duty RV power transmission configurations manufactured by Teijin Seiki and supplied by Harmonic Drive Technologies. These precision drives offer high-ratio gear reduction in a compact design, and achieve high torsional rigidity and overload torque capacity--at 500% rated torque. Total lost motion from all sources, including backlash, spring rate, and hysteresis, is limited to 1 arc-min.

Harmonic Drive Technologies: Product Code 4961

Eliminate bulk with mini controller

Animatics, the creator of the SmartMotorTM, has taken its highly integrated and miniaturized motion control technology out of the motor and put it in to a freestanding controller-amplifier called the RTC-3000. Measuring only 3.68 x 1.815 x 0.35 inches, the RTC-3000 is about the size of a credit card and will operate virtually any small brushed or brushless dc servo. Apply 24V dc to the RTC-3000 and download a program using the host utility and you have a complete stand-alone system including controller, amplifier, logic power supplies, and program interpreter with 32k bytes of program memory and 32k bytes of data storage. Alternatively, talk interactively between the RTC-3000 and a host or PLC over RS-232 or RS-485. It will even multi-task between internal program and host commands. Designed for multi-axis applications, up to 120 RTC- 3000s can be combined on a single RS-485 network.

Animatics Corp.: Product Code 4963

Profibus I/O modules get flexible

SIMATIC ET 200S distributed I/O system is a Profibus compatible, modular unit combining two- and four-channel digital and two-channel analog capabilities in standard or diagnostic versions. The four-channel configuration can reduce control cabinet space requirements by up to 50% improves overall system maintainability, and is very cost-effective, according to Siemens. Maintaining their standard 15-mm-width, the three four-channel 24V dc electronic modules are available in 24V dc input, 0.5A output, and 0.2A output standard versions. Two-channel 24V dc choices include a standard version in addition to the original diagnostic type. Standard modules cost less, offer similar performance to diagnostic versions, but have fixed parameters, restricted diagnostics, and no group signal error LED. Diagnostic versions offer parameterization of input delays, electronic short-circuit protection, and diagnostic power-supply and error LED signaling.

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.: Product Code 4962

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