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Hot products

Hot products

Reduce torque variations

AXIOM(TM) brush and brushless servo motor drives use DSPs to implement high bandwidth digital control of traditional servomotors in toque, velocity, or position modes. "These drives consistently provide 15.5% better bus voltage utilization, resulting in improved efficiency and significantly better torque-speed curves than conventional sinusoidal drives," says Keith Hochhalter, director product development. The drives employ space vector commutation combined with flux vector motor current control to deliver a 15-30% improvement in torque speed curves. Tol-O-Matic: Product Code 4782.

Drive platform controls servo or stepper

The Gemini family of digital servo and stepper drives combines brushless servo and microstepping technology into a common drive platform. Servo drives accept 120 or 240V ac, 1-phase or 240V ac, 3-phase input power, and output up to 5,800W continuous. Stepper drives accept 120V ac or 240V ac single phase input, and produce up to 1,350W continuous. Two control levels offer simple configuration and digital-notch filters in the drive, ABS damping, and encoderless stall detect in the stepper drives and motion control and sequencing. Compumotor: Product Code 4778

Use with sinusoidal controllers

Model 7225DC servoamplifier, compatible with a wide range of pc-board controllers and DSP servo chipsets, provides sinusoidal motor commutation and smooth drive torque for ac brushless servomotors up to 1.5 hp. Operating from 45V to 186V dc; the unit develops plus or minus 20A peak, plus or minus 10A continuous output. Amplifier dimensions are 7.5'' x 2.0'' x 6.94''. PWM frequency is 25 kHz. Built-in optical isolation separates high voltage power circuits from the ground-based signal and control circuits. 7225DC's U, V, and W sinusoidal drive waveforms reportedly provide ripple-free motor torque that eliminates variations in cutting-tool force, prevents equipment vibration, and ensures constant tension in winding applications. Copley Controls Corp.: Product Code 4784

Minimize energy loss

The Micromaster Eco line of variable frequency drives compatible with all standard induction motors with a power range between 1/6 to 125 hp. All Eco drives share identical operator panels and use 10 basic start-up parameters. Users reduce mechanical stress in the system with the inverters' soft start capability. Available with a variety of worldwide input voltages, all drives have a standard RS485 serial link with USS Protocol for simple networking. Targeted at replacing standard motor-control starters with fixed-speed motors or two-speed motors, the drive's control circuitry boosts operating efficiency to minimize energy loss in most HVAC applications involving chillers, water and air handling. Siemens: Product Code 4779

Sequence switch different motors

Commander SE 0.33 through 5 hp, 230V and 1 through 5 hp, 460V models will be available this fall. The ac open-loop vector drive is simple to use and easy to install. Ten Level-1 parameters meet 80% of typical drive application requirements. Level 2 and 3 parameters add flexibility and can save a second motor map that allows the drive to sequence switch between motors with different operating characteristics. By reducing the switching frequency when temperature limits are exceeded, the drive's ITM reduces nuisance tripping and streamlines drive cooling. Rated at 50C ambient, the drive offers standard RS485 communications. Modules for DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, and CTNet are in development. Control Techniques Drives: Product Code 4781

Cut motor control costs

Hitachi's L100 and SJ100 series microdrives are now available from "From our website, customers can get a 5 hp sensorless vector drive with a keypad for $499 and have it delivered as early as 11:00 a.m. the next morning," says Automation's founder Tim Hohmann. L100 models incorporate a potentiometer and programming keypad for local parameter configuration, two control modes and PID control. Available in 200V and 400V class units from 1/4 to 10 hp, prices start at $188. SJ100 models, available in 200V and 400V class units from 1/4 to 5 hp, offer all the features of the L100, as well as sensorless vector control. Pricing starts at $215 for the .25 hp model. Product Code 4780

Buy only what you want

The 8200 ac-drive family of vector frequency inverters range from 1/3 to 15 hp. Available in 230V single or 3-phase, and 400/480V 3-phase, the drives offer design flexibility with a range of function and communication modules. Function modules include standard I/O, application I/O, RS-485, Interbus, Profibus, and CAN. Communication modules include keypad, RS-485, Interbus, Profibus, CAN and others. Integrated filters provide radio interference suppression and brake choppers. Engineers buy the modules they want, then choose the configurable functions to meet material handling, HVAC, packaging, and other industry requirements. Lenze Corp.: Product Code 4777

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