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Hot Products

Hot Products

Reduce integration

The Bxi controller combines servo motion, logic, and Ethernet communication to reduce intricate wiring and unnecessary integration effort. Measuring approximately 10 x 3 x 8 inches, Bxi presents semiconductor process toolmakers a compact automation solution. There is no point-to-point wiring required, no control panel to build, and no low-level software to write. "Beyond the obvious time savings," says Berkeley President Paul Sagues, "the compact CE-compliant controller offers significant gains in reliability and productivity.

Berkeley Process Control Inc.: Product Code 4939

Don't miss a step

Alpha Step, a two-phase, hybrid, geared step motor and driver package corrects the motor-shaft position to eliminate missed steps. A motor shaft sensor, built into the motor, constantly monitors shaft position and provides the driver with feedback. Under normal conditions the driver runs in open-loop mode. When a position deviation of 1.8 degrees or greater occurs, a switch to closed loop control maintains synchronicity. Input power options include single-phase 115V ac, 60 Hz and 230V ac, 60 Hz; or three-phase 230V ac, 60 Hz; or 24V dc. Tapered, planetary, and harmonic gearheads are available for the motors.

Oriental Motor U.S.A Corp.: Product Code 4938

Palmtop controller

Think & Do Software now includes PocketESP support, two new I/O drivers, and three I/O and motion-control driver enhancements in release 5.1 of its PC-based control software package. PocketESP is a software tool that, when installed on a Cassiopeia Windows CE palmtop, allows users to monitor, maintain, and manage distributed Windows CE controllers on the plant network through any available Ethernet port. For detailed technical information, visit Product Code 4940

Measure 40 meters

The LinCoder(R) provides up to 40m of linear position measurement. The non-contact, wear-free absolute linear position measuring system has moderate linear-guide accuracy requirements, and offers robust IP66 protection. A read head, with integrated electronics, scans position-specific code from a magnetic tape that is easily mounted to almost any flat surface. LinCoder requires no reference pulse and offers a 0.2- to 2-mm gap tolerance. The system also offers resolutions to 17 mm and accuracy to 200 mm, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -30 to 85C.

Stegmann Inc.: Product Code 4941

Virtual sensors

Feedback devices add to the overall cost of servo systems, and can put such systems out of reach for many designs. Sensorless servo control simplifies motion system design and reduces costs by replacing clutch brakes, mechanical indexers, stepper-motor systems, and servo systems where repeatability of 5 arc min is sufficient. IndexBlokTM with SensorlessServoTM technology positions any three-phase rotary or linear brushless permanent-magnet motor without a sensor, and brings a new cost proposition to both simple and complex indexing applications requiring up to 16-bit resolution per electrical cycle of the motor. Index-Blok interfaces with most machine controllers, and up to 36 drives can be connected on one RS485 serial link. SensorlessServo replaces the physical sensor (i.e. resolver, encoder, hall devices, etc.) with a software algorithm that provides flux tracking at a 200 msec update rate, estimates actual rotor position every 400 musec, and feeds rotor position data to the PID servo system within the drive. Available in sizes from 3 to 60A, and covering input mains from 110 to 480V ac, IndexBlok comes with an easy to use software package for setting up moves and motion parameters such as acceleration rate and move distance.

Semipower Systems Inc.: Product Code 4942

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