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Hot products

Hot products

Hydraulic coupling

GlobalSpiral is a high-pressure hydraulic hose coupling rated for pressures from 3,000 to 6,000 psi. "This coupling works with a full range of hoses. The single-stem design means that customers and distributors can stock one coupling instead of three or four separate types," says Dave Douglass, the Gates engineer who designed the GlobalSpiral coupling. The new coupling has long teeth in the ferrule for a positive and penetrating grip of the hose's wire reinforcements. The positive grip prevents hose assembly failures caused by couplings blowing off in high-impulse applications. "We've tested it to a million cycles and it passes with flying colors," says Douglass. The one-piece, SAE code 62, flange coupling has no welded joints.

Gates Rubber Co: Product Code 5111 or Circle 501

Flexible hoses

New 811 suction- and return-line hoses are suitable for power units, injection molding machines, mobile equipment, trucks and other applications requiring hoses with maximum working pressures between 62 and 300 psi, depending on the hose size and type of fitting. "The flexibility of the hoses is the key feature," says Dan Waina, chief engineer for the product line. "The hoses meet or exceed all SAE 100R4 requirements with half the minimum bend radii," he says. The lightweight hoses have synthetic rubber inner tubes that are compatible with hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils within a temperature range of -40 to 212F. Spiral fabric reinforcements, helical reinforcing wires, and black synthetic rubber covers provide additional strength. Removal of the hose cover is not necessary for attaching the company's no-skive fittings. Multiple sizes of hose are available in 100-ft lengths.

Parker Hannifin Hose Products Division: Product Code 5118 or Circle 502

Tandem pumps

The new GoldCup series of hydraulic pumps has tandem configurations that allow more than one pump to be driven from a common power shaft. "This product is born of necessity," says Jim Walker, the senior applications engineer at Denison Hydraulics. "You can drive two pumps without the need for an extra output device," he says. The pumps eliminate the need for electric motors and drive locations on engine-driven gearboxes. They have a single-port block machining pattern used for all rear-drive mounting adapters, an extended drive shaft for driving the rear pump, and a barrel hold-down mechanism for accommodating large drive shafts.

Denison Hydraulics: Product Code 5114 or Circle 503

Miniature valve

These proportional control valves are suitable for light-duty hydraulic systems in low-flow applications where constant flow is required under varying load conditions. They withstand pressures up to 3,500 psi and are used in a three-way mode as priority-type flow regulators. "What's really different about these valves is the amount of flow control. Whatever the pressure, the flow remains the same," says Zilek Liberfarb, a Hydraforce mechanical engineer. The valves may also be used in a two-way mode as restrictive-type flow regulators. Maximum input flow is 6 gpm. The valves have an internal compensator that eliminates the need for a separate compensating valve, according to Liberfarb.

Hydraforce: Product Code 5115 or Circle 504

Filter elements

Aquasorb filters incorporate a water-absorbing system into the filter matrix. These cartridge filters absorb water in hydraulic fluids by trapping it in a hydrophilic material that is applied to a non-woven media layer in the filter. "You would not want to use these filters in a paper mill or other place that has large volumes of water, but they are great for places with high humidity or moderate water," says Rick Wilkie, a mechanical engineer and the general manager at EPE Industrial Filters. They are available with filter media rated at one, three, six, 10, and 20 microns.

EPE Industrial Filters: Product Code 5116 or Circle 505

Maintenance-free valves

This line of industrial-grade solenoid coaxial valves from springer coax inc. replaces motor-driven valves. The valves incorporate a process valve and an actuator into a single unit that has only one moving part. Designed for maintenance-free operation, the valves are suitable for machine tools, calibration equipment, and other applications with frequent cycling. The company improved the pressure ratings to 7,500 psi, according to Rick Springer, an engineer and the president of the company. The valves are pressure balanced and require no minimum pressure drop for operation. The company offers options such as threaded and flanged connections, metric threads and flanges, explosion-proof design, limit switches, manifold assemblies, manual override, and bidirectional flow.

springer coax inc: Product Code 5119 or Circle 506

Power steering pumps

Crown Remanufacturing Inc. offers a line of remanufactured power steering pumps for import and domestic vehicles. Every pump is disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and pressure tested. Worn parts, including seals, are replaced according to original equipment specifications.

Crown Remanufacturing: Product Code 5117 or Circle 507

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