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Concentrate lowers LFRT costs

Verton MFX-HS concentrate, a new addition to the Verton(R) family of structural composites, is a long-glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene compound that is reported to provide a cost-effective approach to obtaining long-glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) properties in molded components. According to Matt Miklos, Verton product marketing manager, it's designed to achieve properties typical of LFRT polypropylene such as high impact and stiffness, but in applications where cost control is critical. LNP Engineering Plastics: Product Code 4908

Foams make durable, effective gaskets

SuperSheet(R) materials are low-density urethane foams that effectively resist water and air permeation. The foams' cells require relatively little pressure to compress; yet the materials resist permanent collapse, making them good for certain gaskets and seals. Available in four standard grades that vary by hardness, water-resistance, and density, the material comes in numerous standard dimensions. Typical application of these proprietary urethane and vinyl foams and solid sheet materials include controlling unwanted mechanical energy in OEM product designs, including vehicles of all types, electronic and electromechanical equipment, appliances, and industrial machinery. E-A-R Specialty Composites: Product Code 4907

Metal skin won't delaminate

LuminOre(R), a patented process for applying a thin layer of metal over any substrate, uses a cold-spray, cold-cast method of seamlessly applying composite copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, nickel-silver, and iron metals. Applied with conventional spray equipment, these metal composites adhere to almost any material, in virtually any conceivable configuration or design. Once cured, LuminOre looks, feels, and performs like hot cast metal. LuminOre is most economical at 8-10 mils thick (1 mil = 1 thousandth of an inch.) LuminOre Inc.: Product Code 4905

Thermoplastics toughen up

Compared to thermoset composites, thermoplastic composites have a weak reputation in structural applications due to their poor fiber impregnation and fiber adhesion. By combining Dow's ISOPLAST(R) engineering thermoplastic polyurethane (ETPU) as the matrix for Dow's FULCRUM composite materials with a new process gives higher strength, faster output rates, and greater finishing versatility to thermoplastics. "Profiles pultruded with FULCRUM thermoplastic composites have many times the strength of other thermoplastics, excellent toughness, and damage resistance. In addition, profiles can be processed at higher speeds, can be post formed, and are also recyclable," says Chris Guild, product marketing manager for thermoplastic polyurethanes. FULCRUM technology represents a significant step forward for structural applications, according to Chris Edwards, market development manager. Edwards says this advance makes such continuous fiber thermoplastic composite materials an attractive alternative to thermoset composites in structural-reinforcement applications such as sports equipment, electrical equipment, building applications, window profiles, reinforcement of injection moldings, and automotive components. Dow Chemical Co.: Product Code 4904

Elastomers seal and shield

NC-Consil is made of nickel-coated graphite particles in a silicon elastomer. The material provides high electrical conductivity, broadband shielding, and environmental sealing. NC-Consil is reported to provide good performance at a good price and is targeted at commercial applications. It is available in molded sheet/rule die cut parts, extruded profiles, and molded shapes. A compatible nickel graphite conductive, one-component RTV silicone adhesive-sealant is also available. Shielding effectiveness is greater than [email protected]: Product Code 4906

Polypropylene line is 30% stronger

A new line of higher performance polypropylene compounds with up to 30% higher strength than traditional glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene compounds combines advanced resin, glass fiber, coupling chemistry, and compounding technology. The glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene material is reported to offer performance benefits that extend the envelope for polypropylene applications because the materials allow users to move to lower reinforcement levels and realize better properties while capturing a lower specific gravity. Designers can also take advantage of these higher-strength materials by reducing wall thickness. Temperature performance approaches the melting point of polypropylene, with heat deflection temperatures measured in the 320F range for fiberglass-reinforced grades. Available in 10, 20, 30, and 40% fiberglass reinforced grades in all colors. DSM Engineering Plastics: Product Code 4910

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