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Hello Again Design News' Readers!

After two years on assignment with our London office and a stint in a corporate role, I can't tell you how excited I am to be rejoining the great team here at Design News.

Though I learned a lot and had a unique experience working with our sister publications Electronics Weekly and EDN, I have to admit that I missed running a publication. But even more than that, I missed the connection to the market and you. So, it feels great to be back.

What's in store for Design News in the future?

First-off, you can expect to get all the things you already love about Design News — from Gadget Freak and Calamities to in-depth technical articles and news and trend pieces on the issues most important to you — and more. One of my first priorities is to work with the editorial team to amp up the coverage on the great stuff we are already doing and to develop more innovative, original online content you won't find anywhere else.

Currently we're exploring different ways to create and present technical content that is relevant, useful, and where appropriate, entertaining to design engineers, including video, Flash animation, photo galleries and searchable databases.

For example, we just produced an original Gadget Freak video. It features Engineer Brett Raub demonstrating a martini blender he made out of an old Homelite 25cc 3-cyle lawn mower engine that runs on a blend of 115 octane Sunoco race fuel and Redline synthetic racing oil. It's amazing what engineers can make out of what is essentially a piece of junk.

And for even more entertaining content that's also highly useful, check out our latest online addition to the popular Calamities column on forensic engineering — a new blog called Made by Monkeys. From bogus bearings to a switch failure that caused kitchen mayhem to a flashlight with a dismal light output, this new blog showcases end products with avoidable defects and unfortunate trade-offs.

Finally, we're more committed than ever to continuing our in-depth coverage of critical issues and emerging technologies that you've told us are important to you, such as mechatronics, energy harvesting and best green design practices, new sensor technologies and sensor networks, and the latest design and development tools.

If you have a moment, check out the new Gadget Freak video and Made by Monkeys blog. I'd love to get your feedback on these new products and hear from you in general about how we're doing online and the kinds of things you find most valuable. I'm all ears.

And please stay tuned. We have a host of new ideas in the pipeline that we plan to introduce in the coming months that we hope you're going to like and find useful.

Brett's “Yikes” Frozen Cranberry martini

6 oz frozen cranberry juice concentrate
6-12 oz vodka (to fit the mood)
Put in blender, fill with ice and blend. Pour into martini glasses and top with a splash of Mike's Hard Cranberry.

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