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Handbooks help designers adapt to Windows 98 operating system

Handbooks help designers adapt to Windows 98 operating system

Microsoft Corp. put some features in its new Windows(reg) 98 operating system that could be handy to design engineers. The features are detailed in the "Windows 98 Installation & Configuration Handbook," one of 19 books on the subject published in Arlington, VA, by Macmillan Computer Publishing (FAX: (317) 581-3611). The book, for example, tells how to take advantage of the system's ability to run as many as nine monitors at different resolutions. You can view multiple CAD files at the same time. Also, if two side-by-side monitors are set to 600 X 800 resolution, they could provide a 600 X 1,600 CAD display. Four monitors could make a 1,200 X 1,600 grid. Windows 98 also allows engineers to switch between a mouse, a graphics tablet, or other pointing device, without reconfiguring Windows or restarting the computer.

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