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Gearmotor/drive measures 1.9 mm

Gearmotor/drive measures 1.9 mm

Outperforming products twice its physical size, the BL 1900 Series brushless motor with planetary gearhead features a bipolar rare-earth (Nd) permanent magnet for the motor rotor, LIGA cast gears, and a sensorless electronic commutation system. This gives designers a continuous output torque of 150 mNm and an intermittent output torque of up to 300 mNm.

Use of LIGA micromachining techniques results in molded plastic microgears only 80 mm in diameter. This, in turn, allows a construction which provides torque capabilities considerably beyond the system's own moment of friction. Efficiencies are as high as 80%.

LIGA technology also permits gearhead input speeds of up to 20,000 rpm (50,000 rpm intermittent). The 1.9-mm motor is capable of continuous output speeds to 100,000 rpm. A separate open-loop controller supplies speed control and power.

Available from MicroMo Electronics Inc., the tiny motor and planetary gearhead are said to represent the culmination of 13 years R&D work on three continents. Prototypes of the new microdrive system are now being delivered from stock. Target applications include medical diagnostic and surgical devices, sampling/monitoring equipment, and laser tools.

Additional details...MicroMo Electronics Inc., 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762, Tel: (800) 836-4999; FAX (727) 573-5918;

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