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Todd's Fascination with Flight

Todd's Fascination with Flight

Now he always knows how high he is in the sky, thanks to a portable altimeter he designed using a micromachined pressure transducer. By exploiting the inverse relationship between air pressure and altitude and compensating for nonlinearities, the device produces acceptable accuracy ( plus or minus 3%) for skydivers in freefall. And after all, Todd lived to tell about it.

Portable altimeter parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 MPX2200A pressure transducer 858-4998
1 1N5711 Schottky diode 950-1588
1 Digital panel meter 572-0033
1 10muH inductor 871-5400
1 20k potentiometer 970-1175
1 50k potentiometer 970-1185
3 1N5818 Schottky rectifier diodes 568-7309
1 Slide swich 676-9169
1 AAA battery holder 839-3063
Additional parts required: enclosure and cover, resistors, capacitors, voltage reference, switching regulator, and amplifiers

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