Steve Often Wondered What It Was Like to Be a Fish

But then he realized he didn't like water. His fish, however, do. One problem: The pump for the well that supplies water to his home runs even when the pressure fails to build up, posing the risk of pumping the well dry. To guarantee a steady water supply, Steve designed a control device that shuts down the pump under extreme low pressure.

For Steve Dean's complete instructions on how to build your own Water Pump Control Systems, go to:

Water Pump Control System Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Enclosures 806-1630
2 Relays 850-0138
2 Relay sockets 850-1923
1 Pressure switch 611-8022
1 Indicator light, red 749-9765
1 Indicator light, white 749-9766
Other supplies: Solenoid-operated gate valve, 10 ft of 12 gauge wire

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