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Steve Gets His Classical Groove On

Article-Steve Gets His Classical Groove On

Steve Gets His Classical Groove On

He's chillin' with Jam Master B from anywhere in his house, thanks to a Palm Pilot equipped with a radio frequency transmitter that allows him to operate his PC-based MP3 player remotely from up to 100 ft away. An RF receiver connected to the PC acquires Steve's selections from a database of 4,700 works. To keep sound quality high, Steve encoded the music with a high bit rate and connected the sound card to his stereo amplifier via a digital link.

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PDA-based mp3 remote control system Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 2.0 MHz Cystal MP020 745-0114
1 9V ac Wall-mtd Transformer 928-9898
1 44 Pin PLCC Socket 978-2210
1 1.2V NiCd Battery 884-1017
1 Aluminum Enclosure 806-1872
1 Power MOSFET 273-4006
1 Schottky Rectifier 568-2475
1 Dual D Flip-Flop 263-2828
1 5V Regulator 288-1302
1 NPN Transistor 263-2064
1 PNP Transistor 263-2100
Additional parts required: Transmitter and receiver modules; CPLD IC; RS232 level converter; Voltage Regulator IC; 8-bit CMOS counter IC; 4.7 muH SMT inductor; Steve's software.
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