Some neat things from the Instructables woodworking contest

November 1, 2010

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Some neat things from the Instructables woodworking contest

Instructables recently had a woodworking contest, which closed on Oct 3.  I took a look at the winners — there were some really amazing entries.  I’ve already written about one of them, a bicycle made from bent/laminated wood.  The frame flexes, and so provides a suspension effect.  The bike didn’t win, but it was a runner up, which fetched the builder a T-shirt, patch, and one year Instructables PRO membership.

The grand prize winner built a fully custom gypsy trailer.  It has an old world look to it, although it includes some modern conveniences like a hitch that connects to the back of a pickup instead of the back of a horse. It has two beds, each 48″ wide, so could probably sleep 4 people, if they’re friendly.  There is a table that slides out from under one of the beds, lots of tucked away storage areas, and in the back corner a wood burning stove!  I don’t see a propane tank on it, so it looks like the stove is for cooking as well as heat.  It has a dutch door with a casement window in the back, and a bay window in the front.  The walls are tongue-and-groove pine.

For this project the winner received a Craftsman  10″ miter saw and a Craftsman 5″ random orbit sander.  The pictures of the project are very nice, but details and dimensions are pretty scarce.  This Instructable is more a source of ideas than specific directions.

In the runner up category I found an Instructable about building a 76 foot wooden suspension bridge.  I don’t know how this one only got runner up, it’s quite a project.  And in contrast to the grand prize winner, this project includes a complete spreadsheet full of calculations.  The main catenary cable is 1/2″ galvanized wire rope, and the suspenders are 3/8″ galvanized. The bridge was constructed from all 2″ treated dimensional lumber.

I’ve been considering building a suspension bridge myself over a dry creek next to my house so I’m bookmarking this one.

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