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Robert Suddenly Realized the Sand Beneath His Feet Was Kitty Litter

Robert Suddenly Realized the Sand Beneath His Feet Was Kitty Litter

All winter long, Robert basks in tropical temperatures right at home in upstate New York-thanks to an ignition timer system he designed for his ancient (1928) but efficient hot water boiler. At startup, the timer keeps the ignition on for 90 seconds while the burner comes to temperature. Tolerant of line noise and sags, it's designed to restart in the event of a line interruption longer than one second. Click here for details.

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Boiler Ignition Timer System
Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Resistor, Power 296-5404
2 Resistor, Carbon film 296-6340
2 Resistor Carbon film 296-6346
1 Resistor, Carbon film 296-6348
1 Resistor, Carbon comp 296-5644
1 Capacitor, Electrolytic 852-6686
1 Capacitor, Ceramic 881-5430
1 Capacitor, Film 998-2106
1 Diode 950-1102
1 Diode, Zener 568-0029
1 SCR 568-5079
1 IC, Programmable timer 735-1353
10 Neon Pilot Lamp 749-2100
1 Relay, 120VAC, SPDT 821-5101
Other supplies: Perforated vectorboard
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