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Now Witness the Power of These DIY Star Wars Drones

Now Witness the Power of These DIY Star Wars Drones

A maker based in France who goes by the handle Olivier C has been building a series of drones patterned after the famed vehicles of the Star Wars saga. His most recent project is an Imperial Star Destroyer but he's also completed a TIE Fighter and Millennium Falcon.

Olivier C has detailed his entire build on the forums of RC Groups -- building the custom frames out of URSA extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam mounted onto a custom built quadcopter he calls the Prophecy 25:

Motors : Tigers MT2208-18 1100kV
ESCs : Tigers T30A
Propellers : HPprop 8x4.5MR or HQProp 8x5
Battery when FPV : 3S-2200mAh 35C Nanotech
Battery when line-of-sight : 4S-1800mAh 25C Nanotech
Flight controller : HK clone of the Crius AIOP, running Multiwii 2.3 dev build
FPV : Boscam 5.8GHz 400mW and Spironet antenna

Parts for the frame:

- 2x 300x100x1.5mm wooven carbon
- 10x 45mm aluminum spacers
- HK450V2 landing skid
- 10x10 aluminum square tube
- 10x10 aluminum corner
- Few dozens of M3 hex screws and washers

Full plans for building the quadcopter are available here.

Watch two of Olivier C's drones in action:

Millennium Falcon

Star Destroyer

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Chris Wiltz is the Managing Editor of Design News

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