Make Your Own Cardboard VR Goggles

Work From Home Project: Follow Volkswagen's step-by-step directions for DIY goggles to view the company's immersive manufacturing video.

Volkswagen knows you're looking for things to do while practicing social distancing. So the company issued instructions for how to make your own virtual reality goggles from cardboard. And they've provided suitable immersive video to watch, so when you're done making your project, you can use the new goggles to watch Volkswagen build it ID.3 electric vehicle.


1. VR headset cardboard template

2. Shoe box or pizza box

3. Printer

4. Scissors

5. Syringe or plastic straw

6. Plastic water bottle

7. Xacto knife

8. Glue gun or epoxy

9. Rubber band

10. Smartphone


In this tutorial, we will first make the homemade lens for the DIY VR headset. Later you will have to make the cardboard enclosure using the printable templates provided here. The lens used in these VR headsets helps to reduce the least distance of distinct vision and allows us to see the screen of our smartphone clearly from a few centimeters away.

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