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Larry's Overdue Bill Warning System Needed Work

Article-Larry's Overdue Bill Warning System Needed Work

Larry's Overdue Bill Warning System Needed Work

Fido's out of the doghouse now, thanks to Larry's automatic mail delivery notification system. When the postman opens the lid of Larry's mailbox, a photodetector mounted inside the mailbox activates a light-emitting diode inside the house, notifying him that mail has arrived. A special latch circuit ensures that the LED stays lit after the lid shuts, and a pushbutton allows Larry to reset the circuit after retrieving his mail.

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Mail's Here! Parts List
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Ceramic Capacitor, 1.0 muF 881-5236
1 Ceramic Capacitor, 0.1 muF 881-3486
1 RED LED 670-1065
1 NPN Transistor 935-0841
1 CdS Photocell 980-0105
2 Carbon Resistor, 22 k 296-6330
1 Carbon Resistor, 1 k 296-6314
1 Carbon Resistor, 10 k 296-6326
1 Carbon Resistor, 1 meg 296-6348
1 Normally Open Pushbutton 757-2305
1 CD4011 Quad NAND 735-1323
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