Sylvie Barak

November 27, 2014

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Hack Thanksgiving (Don’t Be a Tech Turkey)!

Thanksgiving is a time for family. A time for togetherness. A time for... tech?

Yep! Turns out Turkey Day is going digital in all kinds of wonderful ways.

For example, why cook a turkey for hours and hours in an oven when you could just infrared it to crispy perfection in half the time with a turkey fryer radiating the bird with thermal energy to reach interior temperatures of 500 degrees. I mean, who knows what that would do to any stuffing you tried to cram in there, but hey, we hear it's second only to Dr. Evil's method of using "fricking lasers" to cook the big bird.

For those who prefer deep-fat frying to infrared waves to get that delicious crispy outside and moist inside, this Waring Pro Turkey Fryer looks pretty slick, and is apparently safer than the home made methods that are known to bring the house down ... in flames.

The all-electric rotating system can apparently handle a bird up to 18 lb, which it lowers into a hot oil-filled stainless-steel reservoir (sounds like a James Bond movie). Built-in safety features include a magnetic breakaway cord, a basket that stays cool to the touch, and lid vents that release steam to prevent boil-overs. And the best part? It only takes an hour!


Want to cook your turkey in more of a traditional way, but with a little help from your smartphone? Try the iGrill probe, or any number of other smart probes on the market. Simply stick one of these bad boys into your turkey, and get notifications and updates about your turkey's internal temperature, allowing you to adjust on the fly. It also notifies you when it's done and ready to be eaten.


Of course, turkey isn't the only thing that could do with a little electronic enhancement for Thanksgiving. How about a bit of engineering love for good old spuds?

Tired of mashing them by hand? Try the Better Potato Masher on for size. It works much in the same way as a mechanized ricer, using a rotating motor to pulverize and press chunks of chopped, boiled potatoes through a sieve while "preserving their starch granules, breaking up any lumps, and yielding a smooth, fluffy batch of this beloved comfort food," according to the marketing blurb.

See it in action:

And if you're already too lazy to mash your own potatoes, you may as well get yourself an automated gravy stirrer. The Uutensil Stirr automatic pan stirrer seems like an option... then again, it also got, er, panned in online reviews, so maybe just strengthen that whisking hand after all!

See it in action:

But who am I to tell you to quit whining? Or should that be, wine-ing? Especially when you can uncork your favorite vintage at the tap of a button!

The Metrokane Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew, automatically removes corks from bottles upon contact and then automatically ejects them from the corkscrew. Preferably in the direction of your most hated relative.

See it in action:

Speaking of most hated relatives, if, despite all the tech awesomeness discussed above, your Thanksgiving still manages to go sideways and family dinner turns into family drama, leaving you wanting to get the hell out of dodge, there's an app for that too. It's called Hotel Tonight. In advance, you're welcome!

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