Gadget Freak Case #251: Billiards Ball Counter

February 21, 2014

I wanted to play a little pool with my brother, but to play call shot, you really need a set of counters to keep track of the number of each of your successes.

My facility has no resources to do this -- neither manual counters nor the familiar beadwork located somewhere above the table. Electronic people do it electronically, and this project is no exception.

The application is based on an 18-pin controller; dual two-digit, seven-segment displays, and four debounced buttons. The project used an inexpensive Microchip 16F627A; two dual, red, common cathode, seven-segment displays; and a surplus, gutted alarm clock to provide packaging and buttons. Shown in the photo, the finished project is powered by a wall-based supply with a simple 4.5V regulator installed on the application's board.

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