Gadget Freak Case #224: Gadget Remembers What You Need to Do 15929

George Tempesta's motion-triggered calendar keeps track of time and dates when a chore or event needs attention.

September 7, 2012

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Gadget Freak Case #224: Gadget Remembers What You Need to Do

George Tempesta had a problem. He couldn't remember scheduled family events or even when to take out the trash. His wife suggested he come up with a device to remind everyone in the family when a chore needed to be done or an event needed to be attended.

George came up with a motion-triggered calendar. The ChronoDot keeps track of time and dates for chores and events. A motion sensor triggers a response when someone walks by the gadget. A WAV file message is displayed to nag the family member about an imminent chore or event.

George Tempesta's ChronoDot keeps track of the time/date/day.
The motion sensor triggers when someone walks by.

Display only events that can be set up to remind users what day it is
or if someone has a birthday or anniversary coming up.

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