Gadget Freak Case #216: Wirelessly Charged Indestructible LED Lantern

June 11, 2012

Fifteen-year-old John Duffy, our youngest gadget freak to date, was inspired by an article on LED lanterns he found in a magazine. When he first saw the article, he thought the lanterns could be used only once, since they were glued shut. Before he found out the lanterns could actually be opened, he came up with a solution of his own: a wirelessly charged lantern.

Duffy created an indestructible LED lantern that can be recharged without opening its hard PVC shell. You could line a walk with these touch lanterns and not worry about someone stepping on them. If that happens, they will continue to work just fine.

John Duffy's indestructible LED lantern can be charged wirelessly.

The lantern can be made almost totally indestructible if you use extra epoxy before adding the second cap.

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