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Gadget Freak Case #182: Automation Comes to the Harmonica

Gadget Freak Case #182: Automation Comes to the Harmonica

gadget freak 182

Advanced Automation has been edging into our working lives for decades. While most of the inroads made by automation have been in manufacturing, these technologies are being increasingly applied in entertainment. Jon Sorkin has created a gadget that plays programmed songs with a harmonica. The device, known as the E-Sharp, uses two standard "C" harmonicas and plays them with compressed air. The E-Sharp can play a number of simple tunes. When the device is on, an LCD displays the name of the project and the developer's name, followed by a prompt to select a song.


GF 182 Build Instructions

GF 182 Schematic

GF 182 Bill of Materials

GF 182 Hard Playing Robot Basic File

GF 182 LCDOut Basic File

GF182 Harp Motor Basic File

GF 182 Video

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Gadget Freak 182 Materials

Amount Part Description Allied Part #
3 8-bit PIC microcontroller 383-0496
1 Adjustable Voltage Regulator 1.2-37V 248-0046
1 1A quad H-driver 735-1803
1 Dimmer for LCD Backlight 980-2750
1 White on Blue Backlit LCD 355-0017
1 1Kohm Linear Potentiometer 754-1566
1 0.20W, 8 Ohm Speaker 623-2052
2 2,20Ohm, 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor 296-4751
2 3,30Ohm, 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor 296-4764
2 4,70Ohm, 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor 840-0086
6 1KOhm, 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor 296-4741
2 10KOhm, 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor 296-4743
2 0.1uF, 50V Ceramic Capacitor 649-0075
2 10uF, 50WV dc Axial Lead Capacitor 613-0338
3 NPN Transistor, 40VCE,75VCB,6VEB;0.6A 411-0320
1 [email protected] dc, NO button 821-1573

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