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Gadget Freak Case #177: Better than a Lazy Susan

Gadget Freak Case #177: Better than a Lazy Susan

Gadget Freak 177 IR Lazy Susan

Dustyn Roberts' project, Not Lazy Susan, comes from her book, "Making Things Move." In this project Dustyn takes the Lazy Susan concept and turns it into a rotating platform with hidden qualities. To make things interesting, she uses an infrared (IR) LED and phototransistor to make the table rotate with just a wave of a hand. You can use this as a table to magically serve food to dinner guests, or to make a fun interactive centerpiece.

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Gadget Freak Case: 177 Materials List

Allied Electronics Parts
1 Breadboard 761-0034
1 On-off toggle SPST switch with about 4 in hook-up wires soldered to the legs 683-0048
1 Battery for motor (9V used here) 774-0240
1 9V battery snap 839-0469
4 AA batteries 729-1524
1 AA battery holder 839-3478
1 Jumper wires or hook-up wire to make your own 761-0078
1 IR LED 436-0212
1 Phototransistor 276-0048
1 Diode 266-0007
1 22 KO resistor 296-4755
1 100 O resistor 437-0005
1 TIP120 Darlington Transistor
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