Gadget Freak Case #168: Gas Sensors Sniff Out Danger

July 15, 2010

Natanel Eizenberg decided to build a sensor module that would
detect and measure carbon monoxide and methane to help ensure safe environments
for his co-workers and family. But in addition to creating an alarm circuit, Eizenberg
added a wireless link that communicates with a nearby PC. Adding a wireless
gateway could extend monitoring and control operations to the Internet.

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Gadget Freak Case #168

Amt. Description Part #
2 0.1muF Capacitor, 50V 852-1170
1 10KO Resistor 1/4W 296-4743
1 8.2KO Resistor 1/4W 296-6598
1 10KO Resistor 1/4W 296-4743
1 12KO Resistor 1/4W

1 22KO Resistor 1/4W 296-4755
1 120KOResistor 1/4W 296-6490
1 130KO Resistor 1/4W See Text
1 220KO Resistor 1/4W 296-4757
1 LED, High Intensity, White 749-3330
1 Vector Electronics

1 Mallory Sonalert buzzer 854-0119
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