Gadget Freak Case #162: Magic Fingers Tickle the Ivories

April 01, 2010

Imagine, putting on a glove and you can play the piano. Colorado State University students John Been, Hannah Hudson, Casey O'Farrell and Ryan Slinger created such a glove that detects the bend of a finger and plays a corresponding piano note. A button on the glove shifts between five high and low keys. As Ingrid Bergman might have said in Casablanca, "Play it, Sam. Play 'The Gadget Freak Boogie.'"


Gadget Freak Case 162: Magic Fingers Tickle the Ivories

Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 PIC16F916 Microcontroller 383-0503
2 PIC16F88 Microcontroller 383-0496
10 R40-11D2-5 Relay, NTE Electronics 235-0036
5 0.1muF 50V Capacitor 507-0211
10 1N4004 Diode 266-0004
2 L7805CV 5V Regulator 248-0415
1 L7809CV 9V Regulator 248-0671
4 1,000O Resistor 1/4W 648-1443
1 1,000O Trimmer Resistor 1/2W 372-0068
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