Gadget Freak Case 146: Perfect Wake-up Machine Jolts All Five Senses

August 17, 2009


Here's an alarm clock that clicks on your favorite music, vibrates your pillow, removes your sheets and makes your coffee. Brian Wagner and his mechanical engineering teammates at Colorado State University (Matthew Cuff, Ryan Seeboth and Steve Schmitt) devised the perfect wake-up machine. The alarm uses a keypad and six LEDs to indicate depressed buttons or command functions that determine the sensory mix to wake you up and ease you into your day. The temperature gauge can be connected to a heater or fan to activate the perfect wake-up temperature.


Gadget Freak Case 146 Perfect Wake-up Machine Jolts All Five Senses

Amt Part Description
Allied Part #
1 Potentiometer 630-1166
1 555 Timer 903-4980
1 Master PIC Microcontroller 383-1217
1 PIC Microcontroller 383-0496
1 Darlington Transistor 248-9280
6 DPDT LED Push Buttons 870-0754
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