Gadget Freak Case 144: Robotic Hand Teaches Sign Language and 'Rocks on'

July 13, 2009

Here's a robotic hand that teaches sign language, including the international sign for "rock on." J.D. Ritchey and his fellow mechanical engineering colleagues (Tim Campbell, Nick Haub and Brian Taylor) from Colorado State University created an acrylic hand to assist in teaching sign language. The Sign Language Emulating Robotic Assistant features all the digits of a human hand. Punch in a specific letter and the hand forms the sign language position. The students take sign language a bit further than standard letters. Punch in "rock on" and the hand forms the rock concert sign with the index finger and the pinky showing the classic fan symbol for keep on rocking.

Gadget Freak Case 144 Robotic Hand Teaches Sign Language and Rocks on

Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Breadboard 237-0015
1 Potentiometer 753-1445
1 LCD 2 x 16 Character Display 670-1116
2 LEDs (White) 749-3330
1 Speaker (Audio Output Device) 623-2088
1 PIC16F88 383-0493
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