Gadget Freak Case 143: Tesla Turbine Creates Liquid Electricity

June 01, 2009


If your electricity fails in a post-apocalyptic world, you
can use water pressure to generate electricity. Travis Lipstein and fellow
students in a mechatronics class at Colorado State University used a Tesla
turbine - based on the work of Nikola Tesla in the early 1900s - to turn water
into electricity. The water pressure forces a shaft in the turbine to rotate.
The rotating shaft is connected to a generator. The water flow around the turbine
is controlled by valves. The rotational speed is communicated to the user via a
LCD interface on the system's control panel, which lets the user know when
sufficient power is being generated by the turbine.
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Gadget Freak Case 142 Tesla Turbine Creates Liquid Electricity



Part #

2 NPN Power Transistor 935-6158
4 Linear Voltage Regulator 568-0488
1 Molded Vane Sensor 276-0035
1 Eight DIP Array 248-9280
1 Piezo Speaker 090-SPEC
1 10-Bit, Serial I/O A/D Converter DIP 630-0840
10 0.1AmuF


3 330I(C) Resistor 296-4698
4 10kI(C) Resistor 648-0156
1 DPST, Rocker Switch 908-0112
3 Red LED 782-0010
3 Yellow LED 782-0040
3 Green LED 782-1503

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