Gadget Freak Case #136: Here's a Jet Engine That Fits in Your Garage


While working on a project for a television program,
several-times-over Gadget Freak John Tindall started tinkering with a pulsejet
engine. Pulsejet engines were used by the Germans during WWII. The technology was
left behind by turbofan jets. But Tindall found the pulsejet well-suited to garage
- and Gadget Freak - tinkering. Apparently there is a wide community of
hobbyists playing with pulsejets at home. Tindall came up with a cyclonic-valve
radial design that makes for smoother airflow. He proved the concept with
plastic and aluminum valves - but the gadget backfired and blew up. Next step, a
steel model...

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Gadget Freak Case 136 Here

Part Description

6" clear acrylic tube x 2'6'

2" clear acrylic tube x 4'6"

4 x 1 A.50" x 1 A.75" 22-gauge aluminum sheet

8 x # 8 x A.50 " machine screw and nuts

#8 tap

acrylic cement

A.25 - 20 x 10" threaded stock

4 A.25 - 20 nuts

12" x A.50" copper pipe with end cap and fittings

20' pressure hose

1 tank propane

1 15kv neon sign transformer

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