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Don Secretly Dreamed of Building a Time Machine

Don Secretly Dreamed of Building a Time Machine

Weary of the varying time loss and gain of his mantle clock despite ongoing corrective measures, Don set out to modernize its time base-but added to the challenge by trying not to alter its original workings. His nonintrusive design employs the primary and core of a low-power filament transformer to generate a pulsed magnetic field that synchronizes the pendulum to the clock's original quartz timing source.

Pendulum clock synchronizer parts list
Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Logic, HEX Schmitt trigger 236-1749
2 Binary counter 236-1823
2 8-Bit magnitude comparator 236-1867
5 Rectifier, 1A, 8V 950-1102
1 Zener diode 568-2195
1 32.768 kHz crystal, watch 614-0186
1 Lower power transformer 227-0625
1 Wall transformer 298-9860
1 Capacitor 470muF, 50V 926-1226
1 Capacitor 470muF, 50V 926-1218
2 MOSFET transistor 568-1885
1 Breadboard 618-3302
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