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Fuji Electric's FRENIC-EcoPAK LH and Schaffner ECOsine Harmonic Filter

Fuji Electric's FRENIC-EcoPAK LH and Schaffner ECOsine Harmonic Filter

FRENIC-EcoPAK LH utilizes a variable frequency ac drive and a Schaffner ECOsine harmonic filter in one complete package solution for an IEEE519 1992 compliant for variable torque fan and pump motor applications. FRENIC-EcoPAK LH is available for 25 to 500 Hp 460V ac 3Ph motor applications. With the increasing emphasis on reducing energy consumption backed by energy rebates and maintaining power quality to avoid penalty fees from utility companies, variable frequency drives are being required to comply with IEEE519 1992 more often. FRENIC-EcoPAK LH allows contractors to purchase and install a variable frequency drive solution that will save energy while maintaining harmonic current and voltage distortion at or below that required by IEEE519 1992. Thus allowing a variable frequency drive solution perfect for installations where other sensitive electronic equipment is connected to the same electrical distribution system. The most common approach taken by other variable frequency drive manufactures is to offer multi-pulse drives, this approach has some inherent disadvantages, including large physical size, and high cost. In order to provide a multi-pulse drive typically manufacturers install an additional six or 12 pulse diode bridges external to the drive and provide a large phase shifting transformer. A multi-pulse drive solution is typically larger, higher in cost, and less efficient than FRENIC-EcoPAK LH's variable frequency drive and Schaffner ECOsine harmonic filter solution.

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