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Fluke 233 Detachable Display Multimeter

Fluke 233 Detachable Display Multimeter

The Fluke 233 is the industry's first digital multimeter with a detachable wireless display. With display attached, the Fluke 233 operates as a conventional multimeter. In challenging or unusual test situations, the wireless display gives users ultimate flexibility, improving safety and increasing productivity for electricians and electronic technicians. By simply sliding the wireless display out of the meter body, the user can place the display where it is most easily seen-up to 10m (33 ft) from the point of measurement-while putting the meter in the best position to connect to the circuit under test. The detachable display enables users to: find a comfortable position to view test data when the test location is hard to reach or in hazardous, dirty or noisy environments; view readings when the test point is across the room, in another room or hidden behind an equipment enclosure; run tests and read results at a safe distance from shock and arc flash hazards, moving machinery and other dangers; devote full attention to the tasks of positioning the meter and reading test results, for greater safety; and allows the user to be in two places at once. The Fluke 233 is the only digital multimeter with a detachable display. The low-power, 2.4 GHz ISM Band wireless signal that transmits measurement data resists electromagnetic interference. The transmitter automatically turns on when the display is removed and off when the display is reattached. The removable display is magnetic and has a flat bottom, so it can be conveniently mounted or placed on a flat surface where it can easily be seen. In addition to its unique wireless capability, the Fluke 233 is rated CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600 V for demanding industrial environments.

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