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Flexible brushless dc motor

Article-Flexible brushless dc motor

Flexible brushless dc motor

This new 3-phase brushless motor design allows cost-effective winding optimization for speed, torque, power, or efficiency.

Retooling to make a custom motor can take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thanks to a patented winding crown configuration, this new Size 9, brushless dc motor can be wound much like a brush motor, with traditional fly-winders and fixtures. The result is cost-effective winding optimization for speed, torque, power, or efficiency without any hard tooling changes and minimal added labor.

"A winding crown pre-form configuration, length adjustments, and use of a variety of different gage wire provides a wide range of copper fill possibilities to fine-tune motor characteristics such as the torque constant," says Manager of Brushless Motor Engineering Dave Hawes. "For engineers it offers a lot of design flexibility."

With a 0.875-inch diameter, the motor is available in 0.75, 1.5, and 2.25-inch stack lengths that deliver approximately 2, 4, and 6 oz-inches of torque respectively. The motor achieves speeds up to 50,000 rpm, but 25,000 is typical. Wiring, brake, gear set, and encoder options are available. Targeted at replacement of pneumatics in industrial fastening applications with torque-controlled electric screwdrivers, the motors are also suitable for blower, fan, and peristaltic pump applications. For autoclavable medical application in surgical saws, drills, and reamers, potted versions are available.

Dave Hawes, Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438-0003; Tel: (877) 748-8626 (toll-free) or (215) 256-6601; Fax: (215) 256-1338; E-mail: [email protected]

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