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Fast Car and Gadget Freaks Featured at Design News Booth

Fast Car and Gadget Freaks Featured at Design News Booth

Courtesy of bearings supplier SKF, a world champion Formula 1 racer will be among the attractions at the Design News' booth during the National Design Engineering Show. Also, thanks to Allied Electronics, the booth will showcase a real, live Gadget Freak--and a contest to see how fast you can do some design tasks.

Here arethe details:

World Champion Ferrari Formula 1 Racer: Six times World Driver Champion Michael Schumacher's mobile office travels at up to 200 mph and embodies the latest in materials, electronics, computer, control, and power transmission technologies. Now you can get a first hand, up close look on how all these come together in a vehicle similar to a jet fighter on wheels. Come learn about the car--then submit your card for a chance of winning tickets to this year's U.S. Grand Prix in Indianapolis on June 20th, courtesy of SKF, Ferrari's bearing technology partner.

Gadget Freak: Direct from the pages of Design News, and made possible by Allied Electronics, comes Gadget Freak Case #93--a climate controlled tent. Designed by Bruce Field and daughter Ellie, they are happy campers, thanks to a portable heating/cooling device they built that maintains a constant, comfortable temperature inside their camping tent. To ensure complete climate control, they equipped a standard room air-conditioner with an electrostatic air filter, economical slinky-type dryer ducting (that minimizes number of holes cut into tent fabric), and a constant-temperature feedback sensor. An optional motion sensor discourages both curious neighbors and hungry bears.

The First Annual Gadget Freak Workshop Competition: Have to do design engineering on the fly more and more these days? Then step right up to see how good you are. You'll compete with fellow show attendees in cobbling together simple, and not so simple, electronic circuits in this timed competition. Supplied and sponsored by Allied Electronics, you'll have a half hour to work through a series of design tasks to win a Search Engineer bobble-head doll.

Also at the booth on Wednesday morning, February 25, you can meet the winners of the Design News' Engineering Achievement Awards. The Engineer of the Year, Special Achievement winner, Quality Award recipient, Women-In-Engineering honoree, and the winners of the Global Innovation and College Design Engineering awards. You can talk with them and share war stories and design concerns.

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