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Emerson Industrial Automation's Browning® Branded V-belt Efficiency Calculator

Article-Emerson Industrial Automation's Browning® Branded V-belt Efficiency Calculator

Emerson Industrial Automation's Browning® Branded V-belt Efficiency Calculator

The BrowningA(R) branded V-belt efficiency calculator calculates projected energy savings, achieving gains of up to 3 percent for users. By entering a few key usage data points, including geographic location and motor horsepower, as well as days and hours per week, users can instantly calculate the estimated savings potential of upgrading from a wrapped to a notched V-belt. It helps design engineers quickly estimate the energy-savings potential of using Browning premium notched V-belts. This software - which eliminates the cumbersome effort of formula preparation, estimating motor load assumptions and electricity-rate validation - provides a tool that with basic inputs allows the user to instantly see projected energy savings, based on the country or state the equipment will be operated in. Payback calculations are reduced from hours or minutes to seconds. The calculator is unique - it has a frequently updated database of average electricity rates, as published annually by the Energy Information Administration and other related agencies. The rates are automatically placed in the formulas when a user selects a geographic location from the drop-down list. This feature can also be overridden, by simply entering a value kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate value in the kWh field, based on a negotiated electricity rate or peak rate change from average rates.

For more information, login to EPT EDGEA(R) Online at and access Energy Savings/Belt
Efficiency Calculator under the Product Information tab.

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